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Date d'inscription : 2018-04-03
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Tue 3 Apr - 19:10
Ok, you probably don't know me since I'm new in the community, so the best thing to do is to follow the example (quite dank)

Name: Claudio
Nickname: ClaiN
Age: 18
Country: Italy
Hobbies: Watching AMVs, collecting fanarts.
Fav Anime/Manga: Evangelion/Berserk; oh wait, that's too mainstream. How about Mind Game/Tekkonkinkreet? Now I look like an expert, good.
AMV maker?: yes
If yes for how long?: mmm a lot of time, I think about two weeks. Really.  
Graphic designer?: no
If yes for how long?: no (I know it's not funny, forgive me)
How did you know about the forum?: I heard of the contest, then heard of the discord, and at last...

Ok, standard procedure completed.
What to say... oh right, top tier taste with the forum banner. Saber ftw.
Aaaand I hope we can have a nice time together, even if I'm more like a lurker.
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Tue 3 Apr - 19:47
welcome here dude Very Happy
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